Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Letter from th' Lorax

I’m sorry to upset you, but I’m about to burst! I’ve seen a lot in this land, but
you modern humans are th’ worst! You could learn a few things from th’ natives, you were
here last, but they were here first. I don’t have time for these rhymes, you should pay more attention. You could learn a lot from nature that schools will never mention. Like these hills here, that you’ve covered with concrete and tar. All our insects and animals are dying so you can drive around in that car. Do think this world is just here to entertain you? To increase your monetary gain? Well all that increase causes th’ rest of us a lot of pain. We, th’ grasses and trees, the animals insects and bees, are all at your mercy now. Th’ great Creator allowed it to be this way, for a time, somehow. So prove to us that you are not hopelessly lost. Stop all th’ violence, please stop it at all costs. I know it won’t be easy, I know you’ve been born into this mess, but instead of moving forward, let’s take a moment to regress. Go outside. Pay attention to th’ grasses, and th’ trees. They tell th’ way it should be. There was a time, and not too long ago, when th’ people and creatures of this land took everything they needed from the earth, and when they no longer needed a thing, the earth took it back. Just try if you can, just imagine a world without trash. Why, people survived without plastic for thousands of years, so why should we need it now. 
I found, as I was walking around, a little poem scrawled in a childs' script, on th’ bark of a birch tree. I will read it to you now. And then, for a while, I will let you be.

When all th’ land is gone-
When all th’ fields and th’ forests
Are gone-
When all th’ plants and
The animals are gone-
When all th’ clean water is gone-
When even th’ sky is gone-
Then can we stop building?

So long,
~ The Lorax

Really? Would you want to live there?

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