Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wild foods of Northern Colorado

Wild foods of northern Colorado,
specifically Ft. Collins and surrounding areas 

(Only food parts that we've actually eaten are listed.
There's more! There's more!)

Let Food be thy Medicine, and Medicine be thy Food.

Acorn                                                                           Elm - (seeds)
Salsify - (flower, stalks and buds, roots)                        Linden - (leaves, flowers, berries)
Black Locust (flowers, beans)                                       Burdock - (flower stalk, leaf petioles, root)
Dandelion - (leaves, flowers, root-eaten and brewed like coffee)     
Asparagus - (shoots)                                                     Thistle - (shoots, leaf petioles, root)
Sow Thistle - (leaves and stalks, flower buds)                Purslane - (all above ground parts)
Lamb's Quarters - (leaves, seeds)                                  Amaranth - (leaves, seeds)
Currant - (red, and at least 3 different black kinds)         Choke Cherry 
Autumn Berry or Silver Buffalo Berry                            Wild Strawberry - (berries, leaves dried and fresh)
Wild Raspberry - (berries, leaves dried and fresh)          Wild Plum - (at least 4 varieties) 
Apples - (who knows how many kinds?)                        Serviceberry
Highbush Cranberry - Crampbark (berries)                    Elderberry
Cow Parsnip - (stalks)                                                   Angelica - (stalks)
Wild onion - (whole plant)                                              Wild garlic - (whole plant)
Cattail - (hearts, shoots, rhizomes, pollen, rhizome fibers make good cordage...)                       
Bullrush - (rhizomes)
Evening Primrose - (roots, flowers, buds, seeds,stalk used for fiber)          
Wild mint(s) - (leaves, fresh and dried)
Milkweed - (shoots, flower buds, pods, young leaves, stalk also makes fiber, pod silk for stuffing)
Clover - (red and white, leaves and flowers fresh and dried) 
Black Walnut - (nuts, husks for dye)                               Sumac - (berries, cold brew tea)
Black Nightshade - (fruits, leaves)                                  Dock - (leaves, young stalk, young flower buds)
Prickly Pear, - (pads, fruit)                                             Common Mallow - (leaves, fruit)
Shepherd's Purse - (seeds, whole plant tops)                 Peppergrass - (seed pods, plant tops)
Day Lily - (tubers, flowers, dried flowers, buds)             Chamomile - (dried flowers for tea)
Pineapple Weed - Wild Chamomile (dried flowers)        American Licorice - (roots, chewed and dried)
Wild Rose - (hips, dried for tea)                                    Orach - (leaves, fresh and dried for spice)
Stinging Nettle - (leaves)
Conifers, Fir and Spruce - (young buds eaten fresh, added to water, needles used in tea)
Conifers, Pines - (needles used in tea)                            Juniper - (berries, used like peppercorns)
Ground Cherries - (fruits)                                               Wild Grape
Horseradish                                                                    Musk Mustard
Horehound                                                                     Bee Balm
Watercress                                                                      Oregano 
 That's all i can remember now, but this list may grow over time. Feel free to inquire about more specific uses, or give us your own opinions. Happy Hunting. ~Rico



  1. Thanks for sharing awesome post.
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    best edible in colorado

  2. Hello Rico!
    I am at the furthest stretch of the imagination a novice forager. I love the idea of using what is all around us and overlooked by everyone. I just came across your blog. I live in Greeley and am hoping you might be willing to do a class on this side of the highway, to a group foragers who are hungry for more knowledge.

    Thank you,
    The mis-placed Mountain Goat

    1. Hey Mountain goat, i'd be willing to do something like that- get in touch with me through email r ic o a nd be t h at g ma i l ... so we can communicate directly - thanks