Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Adventures of a spoon

I've often felt that wooden spoons have a life of their own. But when i programmed a mini robotic camera to watch this one i got quite a surprise. After reviewing th' photos it appears that this guy had quite an adventure the other day. I'll show you th' pictures and surmise what must've happened. 

Th' first photo shows our spoon, which for th' sake of clarity i shall call "Thomas," catching some rays on what appears to be a gravelly riverbed. 

Here's a shiny piece of Mica that was seen lying next to Thomas.

Just above th' river was a trail leading up this mountain, a trail which Thomas appears to have followed.

Here he is checking out th' scenery.

And here we see Thomas froliking in th' trees.

Looks like Thomas found this guy up on th' mountain. They appear to have traveled together for a while, but he eventually caught up to th' rest of his family.

Here are some views of th' trail.

And here's Thomas lounging on a log, probably taking a nap. Hard to tell though, spoons always appear to be taking a nap.

Then this guy walked by barefooted, so Thomas followed him around for a while. 

He looked hungry and thirsty, so Thomas tried to help him out a bit. 

And to return th' favor, he appears to have let Thomas hitch a ride on his hat.

Up on top of th' mountain looked like a good spot to catch some more sun and warm up a bit.
Gets cold in march in th' mountains. 

But alas, th' time had come to go back down.

There was, apparently, time to climb a bit more on th' way down. 

And to bury himself in th' snow for a bit. 

And by th' time we got home, there was Thomas, just where we left him that morning. 
(He has no idea he'd been followed, and we're not going to tell him.)


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