Tuesday, May 17, 2016

So much more than food

Foraging is about so much more than finding food-
it's about finding your place in th' world, in your community,
and ultimately, it's about finding yourself-

I stood by th' river and watched a heron hunting. 
He was looking for food, i was looking for food. 
We watched each other stalk around, 
i felt honored to be in his presence-
i wonder how he felt to be in mine. 

I followed th' river in th' direction of it's flow, 
came across a couple of large bull thistles,
favorite food of th' gorilla, 
favorite food of mine.

A little further along- 
I'm wondering at a Cow Parsnip, how it got this low in elevation-
there are two of them next to each other-
i taste some, grab a stalk to take home and share, 
leave th' rest there- 
this is a plant that will stay with you forever.

I decide to check on our resident hemlock population-
a deer watches me cross th' field- 
i find a dead beaver, 
and chewed willow mixed up in th' hemlock patch
animals are a lot like us, i think.

I move on-
snack on some spruce tips- 
head for th' linden trees which brought me out here.

I find some linden leaves ripe on a tree i'd not seen before,
collect a salad's worth, and head home-
plans change, 
i never made it to th' trees i thought i was heading towards-
still i found something worth taking home-
and a little bit of food too. 


  1. Pray tell your comment concerning Cow parsnip, " this is a plant that will stay with you forever." Might you explain?

    1. it's just very special to me- i really don't know how else to explain it- it was eaten by the natives who lived here before, and it grows (usually) in some of our favorite places- i love th' taste and really everything about it- also i've never found it in town, only in the mountains, which is why i was so excited to find it growing so low in elevation-

  2. I just found your blog! I am going to make the plum apple fruit leather tomorrow.

  3. I just found your blog! I am going to make the plum apple fruit leather tomorrow.

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