Monday, January 02, 2012

Acorn Nuppa

"When the people woke up and looked upon the world they found it good. They learned by watching the animals what articles were good to eat. From the grizzly bear they learned that the acorn was food. From the crane they learned to catch and eat fish. The cougar taught them that the meat of the deer, the elk, and the antelope was to be eaten. They gained wisdom from experience, by observing how the animals and birds and bugs lived...they were happy, and worshipped the Great Spirit, who had given them life..."

From It Will Live Forever, by Beverly R. Ortiz, as told by Julia Parker

Acorn Nuppa, with Sumac spoon

Imagine, just over 200 years ago there were entire societies living without trash, police, jails, banks, money. They had no pollution. They could drink from th' same rivers they swam in. And they would still be living this way today if they had th' choice. But others made th' choice for them, and it's hard to go back.
There are many fabulous recipes for and things to do with acorns. But eating the traditional "nuppa," what some misleadingly call "mush" is one way to show that we recognize the goodness, the healthiness of their lifestyle. It's a porridge that has sustained people since th' dawn of time. And it's delicious.
Here's some with a touch of butter and maple syrup, cooked just like stone ground oats. Yumm.
For more pictures of spoons and other crafts, you can see our crafts blog here. It's still a baby, but growing slowly and steadily.

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