Wednesday, December 07, 2011


Sunlight. By it we see everything- 
It has the abilitiy to Illuminate.
And, by it's very brightness, to darken. 
All cultures have held it in reverence,
and it has been th' supreme symbol of th' Creator.
For without it, their could be no life at all.
All of our energy comes from it. All of our food.
This time of th' year, with th' sun slanting low in th' sky, it's very scarcity makes it precious-
and it seems to impart it's life to other objects freely, 
and they glow as with a light of their own.






  1. Nice blog. Good picture of Silver Birch bark (paper) good for tinder to start a fire.

  2. Waldgeistman, thanks for th' kind words, you're right about th' tinder bit, only around here those trees are so rare i don't use them us such, being between th' plains and th' mountains, cottonwoods abound, and their inner bark is also a fabulous, and our most used, tinder material. Cheers, rico