Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Dark Rivers - Black Sky

Dark river, black sky
Change is coming, don't cry ~Bill Miller

It's mid July and th' Poudre river is still dark and raging.
I get caught in a downpour on one of my usual night-time bike rides.
Caught? I never wanted to go inside again.
I'm taking a walk with my wife and son. A mess of crawdads offer themselves up to us.

We barely refrain from crying as we prepare them for dinner.
I spot a patch of wild mint and take a large bite. It tastes like a candy-cane.

I twist a string from th' crushed leaves of a yucca plant.
Bethra walks barefooted on th' side of a mountain.
A friend mentions th' building of an earth oven and my heart flutters.
A tipi spotted in th' distance draws our eyes like a magnet.
We find Fynn foraging for food at a friends house. (Alliteration anyone?)
Ancient textiles work their way into our lives, onto our bodies.
A picture of a birch bark canoe appears on our computer screen.
Thunder storms tug us away from car, house, phone.
The earth is drawing us. Calling us home. Has much to give.
I reach out a hand. It has changed us. Fed us. Loved us.
Life for us will never be th' same.
Everytime we eat wild food i get excited. I feel like a kid again.

Remember that? When you were young, and had no worries, and everyday was an adventure. What happened? Did we leave home too soon?
I don't know, but i'm going back. You can go home again.
Not to your parents house. To your place in creation.
Change is coming. The earth is calling. Come home. Come home.
I'm coming, i answer, i just have to pack my things.
No. Says the earth. I have everything you need. And i give freely.
Come home. I have planted a garden. I have food waiting for you.
And friends. And shelter. And clothing.
There is nothing left in this life that you live.
If you stay you will die. Come with me and live.
Th' Creator has made
it to be this way. Come home.


  1. Aliska (from Texas)August 9, 2011 at 3:04 PM


    I too enjoy those moments.

    I like hearing the wind whipping the clothes out on the line...seeing my sun-tea brewing outside in a glass jar on the picnic table...and tasting tomatoes right out of the garden.

  2. hey all,
    i stayed with you last summer with jeremy siegrist and neil when we came passing through your way.
    i still have great memories of hanging out and hearing all about the favorite books of your household, and being inspired!
    i'm glad jeremy pointed me to your blog, i really love all that you're sharing!!
    keep seeking the wild,