Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Survival in the Wasteland

Rico and i were talking about how different it feels to be surrounded by what's real & what's natural & what's art: a wooden soap dish, a linen shirt, leather shoes...

Different than being surrounded by synthetic materials and plastic...

Imagine what life would be like if everything around us was made by hand, with love, a work of art, from the earth!

I want to make my own clothes, pick dinner from my garden, from the mountains and forests and fields, and be surrounded by the beautiful things me & my friends have made!

This is what "Survival in the Wasteland" is all about~ making beautiful and useful things to share with others, and to inspire & encourage others to do so too!

hand carved spoons

fynn's pecan and wax boats

typical kitchen table scene

hand made bows


  1. I like this Bethra. You and Rico have always been inspiring to me. I love how you find life in simplicity & creation. When I'm feeling bogged down by the modern world, God often will bring you two up in my mind. It's not so easy for some of us to live this way. But I find that I want it more and more as I reconnect with my Creator and His creation. Thanks for always being an example in how to live simply and be content with less. Love you sister

  2. Thank you, Britta. That means a lot to me!
    We love you!